An International Journal of Quaternary Research

An international journal specializing in Quaternary research.

Boreas has been published since 1972. Articles of wide international interest from all branches of Quaternary research are published. Biological as well as non-biological aspects of the Quaternary environment, in both glaciated and non-glaciated areas, are dealt with: Climate, shore displacement, glacial features, land forms, sediments, organisms and their habitat, and stratigraphical and chronological relationships.

Anticipated international interest, at least within a continent or a considerable part of it, is a main criterion for the acceptance of papers.

Besides articles, short items like discussion contributions and book reviews are published.

Researchers in quaternary research.

Indexed/abstracted in
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Alert; ASTIS Bibliography (1978- ); ASTIS Current Awareness Bulletin (1978- ); Biological Abstracts; British Archaeological Abstracts; British Geological Literature; Chemical Abstracts; Current Advances in Ecological and Environmental Sciences; Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences; Deep Sea Research; Ecological Abstracts; Excerpta Botanica; Forestry Abstracts; Geographical Abstracts. Physical Geography; Geological Abstracts; GeoREF (Online database for Bibliography and Index of Geology); Norske Tidsskriftartikler; Periodicals Scanned and Abstracted. Life Sciences Collection; Plant Breeding Abstracts; Research Alert; Science Citation Index; SCISEARCH; Soils and Fertilizers; WETLAND VALUES DATABASE;

Eiliv Larsen, Trondheim, Norway.

Assistant Editor
Lars H. Blikra, Trondheim, Norway.

Administrative and Editorial Board
Christian Hjort, Lund, Sweden.
Jón Eiriksson, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Matti Eronen, Helsinki, Finland.
Karen Luise Knudsen, Aarhus, Denmark.
Hans Petter Sejrup, Bergen, Norway.

Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift


Norsk geologisk tidsskrift

The main journal for Norwegian geological research, distributed to all members of the Norwegian Geological Society and internationally.

Norwegian Journal of Geology has been issued by the Norwegian Geological Society (Norsk Geologisk Forening) since 1905. Its general aim is to publish research articles, review articles, notes and discussions with relevance to the varied and complex geology of Norway, and contiguous areas, the Arctic regions and adjacent offshore areas. Accordingly, scientific papers for all geological, geophysical and geochemical disciplines are considered for publication.

Although the papers in the journal relate to Norwegian geology, the contributors, referees and readership are widely international.

The Editor-in-Chief for 1999 is Senior Geologist at IKU Petroleum Research.

Geologists interested in the geology of Norway and contiguous areas.

Indexed/abstracted in
Aluminium Industry Abstracts; Biological Abstracts ( -1985); British Geological Literature; Chemical Abstracts; Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences; Energy Research Abstracts; Geographical Abstracts. Physical Geography; Geological Abstracts; GeoREF (Online Database for Bibliography and Index of Geology); Periodicals Scanned and Abstracted. Life Sciences Collection; Norske Tidsskriftartikler; Metal Abstracts; Petroleum Abstracts; Research Alert; Science Citation Index; SCISEARCH; World Aluminum Abstracts;

Mai Britt E. Mørk, Trondheim, Norway.

Associate Editors
Øystein Nordgulen, Trondheim, Norway.
Lars Olsen, Trondheim, Norway.

Editorial Board
T. Andersen, Oslo, Norway.
D. Bruton, Oslo, Norway.
B. C. Burchfiel, Cambrige, USA.
O. Eldholm, Oslo, Norway.
W. Helland-Hansen, Bergen, Norway.
B. Jamtveit, Oslo, Norway.
E. Jansen, Bergen, Norway.
G. Juve, Oslo, Norway.
P. Jørgensen, Ås, Norway.
I. Lønne, Longyearbyen, Svalbard.
R. B. Pedersen, Bergen, Norway.
B. Robins, Bergen, Norway.
G. Raade, Oslo, Norway.
H.P. Sejrup, Bergen, Norway.
J. Skei, Oslo, Norway.
K. P. Skjerlie, Tromsø, Norway.
A.M. Spencer, Stavanger, Norway.
R. Steel, Laramie, USA.
M. Stephens, Uppsala, Sweden.
F. Surlyk, Copenhagen, Denmark.
J. L. R. Touret, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
T. H. Torsvik, Trondheim, Norway.
R. D. Tucker, St. Louis, USA.

Mennesker og rettigheter



Nordic Journal on Human Rights

Mennesker og rettigheter er Nordens ledende tidsskrift for analyser, debatt og informasjon om menneskerettigheter.

Tidsskriftet publiserer aktuelle analyser av sentrale tema innen nordisk og internasjonal debatt og forskning om menneskerettigheter. Det informerer om menneskerettighetenes vilkår under politiske, kulturelle og sosiale konflikter. Under overskriften “Rettspraksis” refereres dommer avsagt av Den europeiske menneskerettighetsdomstolen i Strasbourg. Anmeldelser av sentrale bøker innen fagområdet.

Mennesker og rettigheter er ikke bare rettet mot spesialistene. Bidragsyterne har forskjellig faglig og politisk bakgrunn og innholdet varierer fra det vitenskapelige til det mer populære.

Mennesker og rettigheter, Nordic Journal on Human Rights is published for the Norwegian Institute for Human Rights. Quarterly. In the Scandinavian languages.

Jurister/advokater, juridiske studenter, menneskerettsengasjerte, miljøene rundt Røde kors, Amnesty International, Redd Barna.

Evan Grinde, Oslo, Norway.

Marius Emberland, Oslo, Norge.

Solveig Aas, Oslo, Norge.
Agust Arnason, Reykjavik, Island.
Trude Falch, Oslo, Norge.
Anne Margrete Grøsland, Oslo, Norge.
Njål Høstmalingen, Oslo, Norge.
Erik Møse, Oslo, Norge.
Rolf Ring, Lund, Sverige.
Liv Rongland, Oslo, Norge.
Guri Rusten, Oslo, Norge.
Klaus Slavensky, København, Danmark.
Markku Suksi, Åbo, Finland.
Ina Tin, Oslo, Norge.

Acta Sociologica



Acta Sociologica has been published since 1955 for the Scandinavian Sociological Association and is generally recognized as one of the leading sociology journals in Europe.

Acta Sociologicais one of the largest European sociology journals, with more than 3000 subscribers. The journal provides rapid publication of high-quality articles — both full-length original papers and review essays — carefully selected by a prestigious review committee. The purpose of the journal is to publish innovative sociological research written from different theoretical and methodological starting points. Articles are written by Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian sociologists and present alternative ways of understanding and conceptualizing social life. Few sociology journals cover such a widely dispersed and multilingual sociological community.


Indexed/abstracted in
ABC POL SCI; Academic Abstracts (1992- ); Adolescent Mental Health Abstracts; America: History and Life (1978- ); Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts; Current Contents/Social & Behaviorial Sciences; Dansk Artikelindeks; Expanded Academic Index (1989- ); Historical Abstracts Part A Modern History (1978- ); Historical Abstracts Part B Twentieth Century (1978- ); Human Resources Abstracts; IBR (International Bibliography of Book Reviews); IBZ (International Bibliography of Periodical Literature); International Political Science Abstracts; Multicultural Education Abstracts; Norske tidsskriftartikler; PAIS International in Print; Research Alert; Sage Family Studies Abstracts; Sage Public Administration Abstracts; Sage Urban Studies Abstracts; Science Culture; Social Planning/Policy & Development Abstracts (SOPODA); Social Sciences Citation Index; Social Sciences Index; Social Science Source (1992- ); Sociological Abstracts (1955- ); Sociology of Education Abstracts; Special Educational Needs Abstracts; Studies on Women Abstracts; Technical Education Abstracts;

Klaus Mäkelä, Helsinki, Finland.

Consulting Editors
Joan Acker, USA.
Göran Ahrne, Sweden.
Risto Alapuro, Finland.
Margareta Bertilsson, Denmark.
Thoroddur Bjarnason, Iceland.
Stein Bråten, Norway.
Craig Calhoun, USA.
Mark Granovetter, USA.
Wendy Griswold, USA.
Gunhild Hagestad, Norway.
Peter Hedström, Sweden.
Knud Knudsen, Norway.
Walter Korpi, Sweden.
Rita Liljeström, Sweden.
Elianne Riska, Finland.
Aage Bøttger Sørensen, USA.
Annemette Sørensen, USA.
Arthur L. Stinchcombe, USA.
Göran Therborn, Sweden.

Editorial Board
John Eriksen, Norway.
Mats Franzen, Sweden.
Gestur Gudmunsson, Iceland.
Peter Gundelach, Denmark.
Helgi Gunnlaugsson, Iceland.
Lars Skov Henriksen, Denmark.
Gøran Jense, Sweden.
Tore Lindbekk, Norway.
Tom Sandlund, Finland.
Harriet Strandell, Finland.




Grana is an international journal of palynology and aerobiology.

Grana, originally published as Grana Palynologica, was founded in 1954 by Professor Gunnar Erdtman. It is published under the auspices of the Scandinavian Palynological Collegium (CPS) in affiliation with the International Association for Aerobiology (IAA).Grana publishes original papers, mainly on ontogony (morphology, and ultrastructure of pollen grains and spores of Eucaryota and their importance for plant taxonomy, ecology, phytogeography, paleobotany, etc.) and aerobiology. Aerobiology involves studies of airborne biological particles, such as pollen, spores, etc., and their launching, dispersal and final deposition. The significance of these particles in medicine (allergology) and plant pathology is of particular interest.

Palynologists and aerobiologists.

Indexed/abstracted in
Acid Rain Abstracts; Acid Rain Index; AGRICOLA; Bibliography of Agriculture; Biocontrol News and Information; Biological Abstracts; Biology and Environmental Sciences; British Geological Literature; Current Advances in Ecological and Environmental Sciences; Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS); Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences; Ecological Abstracts; Faxon Finder; Forestry Abstracts; Forest Production Abstracts; GEOBASE; Geographical Abstracts. Physical Geography; GeoREF (Online Database for Bibliography and Index of Geology); Periodicals Scanned and Abstracted. Life Sciences Collection; Plant Breeding Abstracts; Research Alert; Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology; Review of Plant Pathology; SCISEARCH; Weed Abstracts;

Gamal El-Ghazaly, Stockholm, Sweden.

Siwert Nilsson, Stockholm, Sweden.
Britt Berggren, Stockholm, Sweden.

Technical Assistant
Wieslaw Smolenski, Stockholm, Sweden.

Editorial Board
H. J. B. Birks, Bergen, Norway.
K. Bondestam, Finland.
K. Fægri, Bergen, Norway.
S. Gravesen, Hørsholm, Denmark.
O. Hedberg, Uppsala, Sweden.
S. Hicks, Oulu, Finland.
K. Larsen, Aarhus, Denmark.
G. Mangerud, Bergen, Norway.
S. B. Manum, Oslo, Norway.
S. Piasecki, Copenhagen, Denmark.
J. Praglowski, Solna, Sweden.
K. Raunsgaard-Pedersen, Aarhus, Denmark.
A. Rantio-Lehtimäki, Finland.
J. Rowley, Stockholm, Sweden.
M. Smelror, Norway.
Y. Vasari, Helsinki, Finland.
I. Vuorela, Helsinki, Finland.
J. Wihl, Malmö, Sweden.




An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy

An interdisciplinary journal of philosophy, founded by Arne Næss, edited by Alastair Hannay.

Inquiry was founded in 1958 by Arne Næss and publishes scholarly articles, discussions, and review discussions in all areas of philosophy. It is editorial policy regularly to include “round-tables” on special themes and significant new books. It is a general aim of Inquiry to present problems from an integrating perspective to which both specialists from various academic fields and non-specialists may have critical access. Inquiry is available online.

Those interested in philosophy.

Indexed/abstracted in
ABC POL SCI; Academic Index (1984- ); America: History and Life (1972- ); Arts & Humanities Citation Index; Arts & Humanities Search; Current Contents/Arts & Humanities; Expanded Academic Index (1984- ); Historical Abstracts Part A. Modern History (1972- ); Historical Abstracts Part B.,Twentieth Century (1972- ); Humanities Index; Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities; International Bibliography of the Social Sciences; International Current Awareness Services; International Political Science Abstracts; Newspaper and Periodical Abstracts; Periodica Islamica; Philosopher’s Index; Social Planning/Policy & Development Abstracts (SOPODA); Social Work Research and Abstracts; Sociological Abstracts;

Alastair Hannay, Oslo, Norway.

Editorial Board
Paul M. Churchland, University of California, San Diego, USA.
Stephen R.L. Clark, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.
G.A. Cohen, All Souls College, Oxford, UK.
Hubert L. Dreyfus, University of California, Berkeley, USA.
Jon Elster, Columbia University, New York, USA.
Dagfinn Føllesdal, Stanford University, California, USA, and University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
Helge Høibraaten, University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.
Anthony O’Hear, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK.
Charles Taylor, McGill University , Montréal, Canada.

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research



The Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research publishes original articles concerning forest research of relevance to forests and forestry of boreal and temperate regions.

The journal is published jointly by the Scandinavian Forest Research Cooperation Committee (SNS) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA).

SNS is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its purpose is to coordinate Nordic forest research by initiating, giving priority to and lending support to such joint research projects.

The purpose of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry is to promote agriculture and forestry and related activities for the benefit of society.

Contributions should be original papers of high scientific quality and international interest. The journal covers the whole field of forest research from basic to more applied subjects. This means articles within basic forest research, wood science and technology, silviculture, forest operations, forest planning, management and economics, forest utilization and marketing. In addition to original articles, the journal also features review articles and short communications.

Researchers of forestry in boreal and temperate regions.

Indexed/abstracted in
Abstract Bulletin of the Institute of Paper Science and Technology; AGRICOLA; Biological Abstracts (1986- ); Bibliography of Agriculture; Crop Physiology Abstracts; Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS); Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences (1993- ); Ecological Abstracts (1993- ); Environment Abstracts (1993- ); Forestry Abstracts; GEO BASE (1993- ); Plant Breeding Abstracts; Plant Growth Regulation Abstracts; Research Alert; Review of Agricultural Entomology; Review of Plant Pathology; Science Citation Index (1993-); SCISEARCH; Seed Abstracts; Soils & Fertilizers; Weed Abstracts; WETLAND VALUES DATABASE;

Sven-Uno Skarp, Stockholm, Sweden.

Scientific Editor
Anders Ericsson, Umeå, Sweden.

Editorial Board
P.O. Olesen, Frederiksberg, Denmark.
Antti Penttinen, Jyväskylä, Finland.
Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson, Mosfellbaer, Iceland.
Birger Solberg, Oslo, Norway.
Bengt Söderström, Lund, Sweden.

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health


Scandinavian Journal of Public Health presents articles on epidemiology, health services research, preventive medicine, community health and related subjects.

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health presents to an international audience research papers on the functioning of welfare states and the sociomedical problems encountered. The Scandinavian countries still enjoy a high level of publicly funded social and medical aid for all citizens. All these countries have a relatively long life expectancy, low infant mortality, etc. Another obvious feature of the Scandinavian research environment is the availability for epidemiologists of well functioning registers, historical and present, where individuals are easily followed up and where the ethical problems with personal integrity are solved. Contributions from other countries are increasingly common and welcome as the developed countries will have welfare systems and problems and all developing countries are building them up.

Most of the journal’s articles are based upon original research accepted after peer review, but the journal also publishes leading articles concerning research on policy matters, as well as reviews, and letters to the editor.

The journal deals with the following subjects: epidemiology, health services research, preventive medicine, community health, hazardous alcohol and drug use, health and ways of living, health and social policy, and health economics.

Students and researchers in social medicine, epidemiology, public health, health services research and preventive medicine.

Indexed/abstracted in
Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases; Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts; Biological Abstracts; Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literatures (CINAHL); Current Contents/Clinical Medicine; Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences; Current Titles in Dentistry; EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; Index Medicus/MEDLINE; Periodicals Scanned and Abstracted. Life Sciences Collection; Research Alert; Risk Abstracts; Safety and Health at Work; Social Sciences Citation Index; SCISEARCH; SportSearch; Tropical Diseases Bulletin;

Lars Olov Bygren, Umeå, Sweden.

Anders Foldspang, Aarhus, Denmark.
John Gunnar Mæland, Bergen, Norway.
Sakari Suominen, Åbo, Finland.
Victor Sidel, New York, USA.

Editorial Board and Panel
The Editorial Board and Panel is represented by 23 distinguished Scandinavian researchers.

Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology



The journal is an international scientific journal covering clinical and experimental aspects of rheumatic diseases.

Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology is essential reading for rheumatologists and also for general practitioners, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, pharmacologists, pathologists and health professionals with an interest in patients with rheumatic diseases.

Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology is published for the Scandinavian Rheumatology Research Foundation and is the official journal of the Scandinavian Society for Rheumatology.

Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology publishes original papers within the various fields of clinical and experimental rheumatology, such as: clinical aspects of rheumatic disorders including therapy, prophylaxis and surgical treatment; laboratory investigations, including mainly biochemistry, immunology, immunopathology, microbiology, histopathology, pathophysiology and pharmacology; radiological, magnetic and other forms of imaging; and epidemiologicial, genetic and social aspects.

Editorials, short papers and review articles are also published. Brief letters to the Editor will be accepted.

“Scandinavian” does not imply a journal restricted to Scandinavian research. The journal welcomes international papers and invites both Scandinavian and other investigators to submit their manuscripts for publication in the journal.

All papers are published in English.

Rheumatologists, general practitioners, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, pharmacologists.

Indexed/abstracted in:
Annals of Behavioral Medicine; Biological Abstracts; Biotechnology Abstracts; Chemical Abstracts; Current Awareness of Biological Sciences (CABS); Current Contents/Life Sciences; Current Contents/Clinical Medicine; Energy Research Abstracts (1975- ); Excerpta Medica/EMBASE; Index Medicus/MEDLINE; Medical Documentation Service; Periodicals Scanned and Abstracted. Life Sciences Collection; PESTDOC; Reference Update; Research Alert; Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology; Science Citation Index; SCISEARCH; Sugar Industry Abstracts;

Gunnar Husby, Oslo, Norway.

Assistant Editor
Tore K. Kvien, Oslo, Norway.

Editorial Board
Ib Lorenzen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Marjatta Leirisalo-Repo, Helsinki, Finland.
Helgi Jónsson, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Monika Østensen, Trondheim, Norway.
Frank A. Wollheim, Lund, Sweden.

Scandinavian Audiology



Scandinavian Audiology is published for the Nordic Audiological Society, which comprises professional groups and organizations for people who are hard-of-hearing.

The aim of the journal is to promote research and exchange of research information and scientific thinking. Not only full-length articles but also brief communications, letters to the editor, review articles and book reviews are welcomed.

Scandinavian Audiology presents articles covering international as well as Nordic achievements in the entire field of audiology:

  • Etiology of people with hearing disorders
  • Epidemiology
  • Diagnostic methods, psychoacoustics, impedance techniques, acoustic emissions, electrophysiology
  • Medical management
  • Rehabilitation, technical, pedagogic, social and psychologic evaluation of hearing handicap
  • Noise
  • Pediatric audiology

Audiologists and professionals working with people who have hearing disorders.

Indexed/abstracted in
Acoustics Abstracts; Biological Abstracts; Computer & Control Abstracts (1979- ); Current Contents/Life Sciences; Dokumentation Arbeitsmedizin; DSH Abstracts (ceased); Electrical and Electronics Abstracts (1979- ); EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; Index Medicus/MEDLINE; INSPEC (1979- ); Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts; Noise Pollution Publications Abstracts; Periodicals Scanned and Abstracted. Life Sciences Collection; Psychological Abstracts (1972- ); PsycINFO; PSYCLIT DATABASE; Research Alert; Risk Abstracts; Science Abstracts. Series B. Electrical and Electronical Abstracts (1979- ); Science Abstracts. Series A. Physics Abstracts; Science Citation Index; SciSearch;

Agnete Parving, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Einar Laukli, Tromsø, Norway.
Lillemor Hallberg, Göteborg, Sweden.
Ulf Rosenhall, Stockholm, Sweden.

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