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Acta Oncologica is one of the leading journals in clinical oncology and related disciplines, and accepts articles within all fields of clinical cancer research including applied basic research, cancer nursing, and psychological aspects of cancer.

Articles on tumour pathology, experimental oncology and biology, cancer epidemiology and medical radiophysics are welcomed if they have a clinical aim or interest.

Besides submitted specific articles, review articles are published regularly. Special material may also be published as supplements.

Acta Oncologica is the official journal for all oncological societies in the Nordic countries where also the editorial committee is based.

Acta Oncologica has subscribers in 50 countries all over the world and more than 50% of submitted manuscripts emanate from non-Nordic countries.

Clinical oncologists, pathologists, and radiophysisists.

Indexed/abstracted in
Biological Abstracts (1987- ); Clinical Nuclear Medicine (1994- ); Current Awareness in Biological Sciences (CABS); Current Clinical Cancer; Current Contents/Clinical Medicine; Current Contents/Life Sciences; EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; Index Medicus/MEDLINE; INSPEC (1987- ); Medical Documentation Service; PESTDOC; Reference Update; Research Alert; Science Citation Index; SCISEARCH;

Jerzy Einhorn, Stockholm, Sweden.

B. Glimelius, Uppsala, Sweden.
J. Overgaard, Aarhus, Denmark.
L. Teppo, Helsinki, Finland.
K.M. Tveit, Oslo, Norway.

Advisory Board
R. Bast, Houston, USA.
M. Baum, London, England.
S. Bentzen, Northwood, England.
Å. Borg, Lund, Sweden.
A. Brahme, Stockholm, Sweden.
A. Costa, Milano, Italy.
O. Dahl, Bergen, Norway.
J. Denekamp, Umeå, Sweden.
V. Diehl, Köln, Germany.
N. Einhorn, Stockholm, Sweden.
F. Eschwège, Villejuif, France.
S. Fosså, Oslo, Norway.
K. Franssila, Helsinki, Finland.
H. zur Hausen, Heidelberg, Germany.
R. Henriksson, Umeå, Sweden.
M. Horsman, Aarhus, Denmark.
H. Joensuu, Helsinki, Finland.
R. Johansson, Kuopio, Finland.
P. Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, Tampere, Finland.
G. Klein, Stockholm, Sweden.
O. Klepp, Trondheim, Norway.
O. Kronborg, Odense, Denmark.
S. Kvinnsland, Oslo, Norway.
T. Landberg, Malmö, Sweden.
S. Levitt, Minneapolis, USA.
B. Littbrand, Umeå, Sweden.
H. von der Maase, Herlev, Denmark.
G. McVie, London, England.
H. Mouridsen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
T. Möller, Lund, Sweden.
O. S. Nielsen, Aarhus, Denmark.
S. Nilsson, Uppsala, Sweden.
B. Nordenskjöld, Linköping, Sweden.
H. Pinedo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
J. Pontén, Uppsala, Sweden.
U. Ringborg, Stockholm, Sweden.
E. Rofstad, Oslo, Norway.
C. Rose, Odense, Denmark.
L. E. Rutqvist, Stockholm, Sweden.
V. Sigurdardottir, Reykjavik, Iceland.
H. Storm, Copenhagen, Denmark.
H. Strander, Stockholm, Sweden.
T. Sugimura, Tokyo, Japan.
M. Tattersal, Sydney, Australia.
C. Tropé, Oslo, Norway.
I. Turesson, Uppsala, Sweden.
R. Twycross, Oxford, England.
R. Withers, Los Angeles, USA.

Book Reviews

T. Landberg, Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, The University Hospital of Malmö , S-205 02 Malmö, Sweden.

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